Tuesday, 21 July 2015

CURRENT|不合时宜 Artist in Residence Anne-Marie Copestake reflects on her residency in Zhujiajiao

We're now half-way through Phase One of CURRENT |不合时宜: Contemporary Art From Scotland at Shanghai Himalayas Museum and so we invited Artist in Residence Anne-Marie Copestake to reflect on her residency at Shanghai Himalayas Museum's residency venue Zhujiajiao Art Museum in the watertown of Zhujiajiao. 

Throughout July, Glasgow-based artist Anne-Marie Copestake is Artist in Residence. Copestake is an artist who works with moving images, sound, performance, text, print, and sculpture. Fundamental to her practice is the exploration of language, in the form of printed artworks, texts, explorations of construction through lyric forms and scripts. Copestake often works collaboratively and has been a founding member of two long-term collective projects in Glasgow: Poster Club and Muscles of Joy.

Here Copestake reflects on the development of her works and her collaborations with local artists and experimental musicians while staying in Zhujiajiao Town... 

Strings Awu and Huang Jun replace strings and tune up the Guzheng. The tuning was explained to me in this way - Do, Re, Mi, So, La are present, and Fa and Ti are missing. But it has mostly been played during our sessions in untraditional ways, with various bows, keys, strips of cardboard, and sticks.

Jia Zhangke
I've been finding out more about the work of Jia Zhangke, from short clips and from talking to people. We watched a few of his films, 'Still Life', and 'The World'. 

Trying sounds
A local bar have kindly offered for me to come and use their drums whenever I like, during their opening hours from 10am to 10pm. I asked if it wouldn't disturb their customers, as it is peak tourist season, but they responded by saying I could go every day if I liked. I cannot imagine that someone warming up on drums would be much fun while you're trying to have lunch, so I first went along during the typhoon thinking it would be empty, and attempted to play as softly as possible to not disturb the CD that was playing. The only others in that day were a woman dozing in a chair, who occasionally gave me big smiles, and a wee boy playing next to her.

‪In the next few sessions Huang Jun and his friends brought other instruments along, the CD's were switched off, and a shifting line up of friends from the town have appeared to play and try out various combinations of sounds.

Dress up shop 
There are several dress-up shops in Zhujiajiao Town. There are rails of costumes, props, hair and make-up, a back-drop, and then more props are positioned at choice views in the street. You choose a classic look from the range of looks available,  and the preparations are then made for your transformation and final photograph.

Bamboo ceramic Balusters 
Zhujiajiao has a number of large gardens for visitors to see, gardens laid out according to particular Chinese landscaped styles. The photograph details ceramic bamboo parts on a staircase on a small pavilion in one garden. At the top of the stairs was a decorated room with wax figures, representing an original resident of the house and garden having tea with his friends.

* * *

CURRENT |不合时宜 : Contemporary Art from Scotland
Phase One | Artists & Writers in Residence

In addition to the CURRENT |不合时宜 Phase One exhibitions, three residencies take place during the Phase One exhibitions in June/July 2015 at Shanghai Himalayas Museum’s Residency Venue Zhujiajiao Art Museum located at Zhujiajiao town, a picturesque watertown in the southeast of Shanghai.

Immersed in the historical, social and cultural context of China, the residencies enable the artists and writer to interact with contemporary art communities in the region. This unique experience will open up new positions, ideas and creative approaches for the artists and the writer, which will be shared with artists, writers and audiences in Scotland through a special programme at Cooper Gallery on their return. 

From 28 June – 5 July, Poster Club members Ciara Phillips, Michael Stumpf, Nicolas Party and Anne-Marie Copestake will undertake a week-long residency to recalibrate the group’s ideals “to make posters and to collaborate”, throughout July Glasgow-based artist Anne-Marie Copestake will be in residence and developing her work with local musicians in Shanghai, then from 15 – 31 July, art writer and member of Cooper Gallery’s Group Critical Writing initiative, Frances Davis will be the Art Writer in Residence, reflecting and annotating upon CURRENT |不合时宜 in Shanghai. 

Find out more about the Phase One CURRENT Artists & Writers Residencies programme on our website.

* * * 

CURRENT|不合时宜: Contemporary Art From Scotland is open at Shanghai Himalayas Museum until 9 August 2015. For more information visit our website.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Next Week/// Cooper Summer Residency 2015: THINGNESS?

Cooper Summer Residency 6–31 July 2015


For the 2015 edition of Cooper Summer Residency, we are delighted to host Glasgow-based artist Oliver Braid and Lyon-based artist Anouchka Oler, as well as Edinburgh-based philosopher, Joseph Fletcher. The artists’ practices investigate Object-Oriented Ontology and each will consider this philosophical phenomenon through the theme of thingness? during the residency. Cooper Summer Salon will be held once a week during the residency to amplify the making and thinking through conversations with the audience. 

Anouchka Oler, still from The Mother, the Monster and the Witch #1, (Voices will find their bodies), video, 2014. Courtesy of the artist.

Glasgow-based artist Oliver Braid’s practice explores definitions of objects, from their objecthood to their subsequent social application, through experimental collaborative and curatorial compositions. His artworks and curated projects are influenced by an aleatoric sensibility uncovered under popular 21st century thinking; observations of Objects wandering with Well-being. 

Oliver Braid, Communal Dolphin Snouting, Transmission, Glasgow, 2013. Credit: Andrew McCue  
Lyon-based artist Anouchka Oler’s work often starts with materiality; the thingness of functionless forms, the materiality of language. Oler’s role is frequently made visible in relation to these forms; within her time-based pieces she performs characters that set into narratives, sculptures and objects, be it her own material production, or ones that have entered a history of cultural production. 

                                         Anouchka Oler Image taken from the video IRMA, 2015, 23

Edinburgh based philosopher Joseph Fletcher will join the residency as a third voice to place reflexivity at the heart of the residency.

Throughout the residency, we will host weekly salons here at Cooper Gallery where you are invited to join us and engage with the artists as they explore new avenues for their practices. This is a unique opportunity to gain an insight into the artists' processes, areas of research and influences, in an informal setting. Cooper Summer Salons will take place at 12.30–1.30pm on Wednesdays throughout the residency (8, 15, 22, 29 July) and we encourage visitors to drop in at any time during the hour.

For more information about Cooper Summer Residency 2015, visit our website.

Monday, 29 June 2015

CURRENT|不合时宜: Contemporary Art From Scotland /// Phase One launches at Shanghai Himalayas Museum

CURRENT |不合时宜: Contemporary Art From Scotland is now underway at Shanghai Himalayas Museum, China with Phase One Exhibitions by Poster Club and Edgar Schmitz. The launch, which took place this weekend on Saturday 27th June, also saw the inaugural Shanghai Forum Series, part of the international touring forum Hubs and Fictions: On Current Art and Imported Nearness.

A poster for CURRENT being installed in Shanghai at the museum. 
Co-curator Sophia Hao at the launch of CURRENT at Shanghai Himalayas Museum
For their exhibition Wheat, Mud, Machine, the collaborative artist group Poster Club have made a new body of work in the form of posters, stickers and garments. The exhibition invites audience members to engage with the exhibition by creating their own mementos from the show, utilising the on-site printing station and stamps made by the artists to make new images of slogans. In keeping with the ethos of the exhibition poster, Poster Club created the CURRENT poster announcing Phase One of the programme, using their specially designed 'finger font'. 

Members of Poster Club leading a tour of their exhibition Wheat, Mud, Machine
Yesterday on Sunday 28 June, Poster Club members Anne-Marie Copestake, Nicolas Party, Ciara Phillips and Michael Stumpf travelled to Shanghai Himalayas Museum's residency venue at Zhujiajiao Town, a picturesque watertown in the southeast of Shanghai, to begin their week-long residency.

Poster Club's Michael Stumpf, Anne-Marie Copestake and Nicolas Party at Zhujiajiao Art Museum. 

Edgar Schmitz has reconfigured a body of works first conceived for Cooper Gallery in 2012 with a new set of sculptural works, sound pieces and architectural interventions. Recasting debris from arthouse cinema, future infrastructures and derelict resort architectures, Schmitz' works populate galleries with sprawling motifs of conjured-up remoteness and projected 'elsewheres'. Like his 2012 Cooper Gallery exhibitionSurplus Cameo Decor: Sindanao 2 will be interspersed with live cameo appearances from art world protagonists developed for this new context. This weekend award winning film-maker Zhao Da Yong performed a cameo appearance of himself as himself in the gallery as cinematic set.

Edgar Schmitz: Surplus Cameo Decor: Sindanao 2

Co-curated by Sophia Hao and Edgar Schmitz, the first of the Hubs and Fictions Shanghai Series took place on Saturday 27th June. The forum titled Settings – Nearness as A Utopian Proposition saw a diverse line-up of figures from the contemporary art world examine the promise of institutionality and discuss the limitations of contemporary art infrastructures.

Audience at Shanghai Series Forum #1 with speakers WHW, Simon Groom, Wang Nanming and Terry Smith
A slide from What, How and For Whom/ WHW's presentation during Shanghai Forum Series #1

The morning session featured the all-female curatorial collective What, When and for Whom/ WHW and Director of The Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, Simon Groom, both of whom referred to past examples of their own curatorial projects including Meeting Points 7 and GENERATION: 25 years of Contemporary Art In Scotland. Co-curator of CURRENT, Wang Nanming started the afternoon session with his presentation Metavant-garde, followed by Professor Terry Smith who joined the other speakers remotely to present Defining Contemporaneity; Reorienting Experimentality; Reimagining the World

CURRENT|不合时宜: Contemporary Art From Scotland is on until 9 August 2015.

For more information about CURRENT visit our website.


Tuesday, 23 June 2015

International Project/// This week marks the launch of CURRENT|不合时宜: Contemporary Art from Scotland at Shanghai Himalayas Museum

Installation is now underway for Cooper Gallery’s major international project CURRENT |不合: Contemporary Art from Scotland, a four-phase eighteen-month exhibition and forum programme taking place at Shanghai Himalayas Museum that will showcase for the first time in China the distinctiveness of contemporary art made in Scotland.

Shanghai Himalayas Museum, Shanghai

Opening on Saturday 27th June, Phase One of CURRENT will present exhibitions by Edgar Schmitz and Poster Club, and the first instalment of On Current Art And Imported Nearness, the latest incarnation of the Hubs and Fictions series that first took place at Cooper Gallery in 2012. Speakers participating in the inaugural Shanghai forum, Settings – Nearness as A Utopian Proposition, are distinguished figures in the art world, Simon GroomTerry SmithWang Nanming and What, How & for Whom/ WHW.

Installation photo: Edgar Schmitz, Suplus Cameo Decor: Sindanao 2

In addition to the CURRENT Phase One exhibitions, three residencies will take place during the exhibition period in June/July 2015 at Shanghai Himalayas Museum’s Residency Venue Zhujiajiao Art Museum located at Zhujiajiao town, a picturesque watertown in the southeast of Shanghai. 

Zhujiajiao town, Shanghai
From 28 June – 5 July, Poster Club members Ciara Phillips, Michael Stumpf, Nicolas Party and Anne-Marie Copestake will undertake a week-long residency to recalibrate the group’s ideals “to make posters and to collaborate”, throughout July Glasgow-based artist Anne-Marie Copestake will be in residence and developing her work with local musicians in Shanghai, then from 15 – 31 July, art writer and member of Cooper Gallery’s Group Critical Writing initiative, Frances Davis will be the Art Writer in Residence, reflecting and annotating upon CURRENT

View from inside Zhujiajiao Art Museum
The origins of CURRENT go back to 2012 when Shanghai-based curator and critic Wang Nanming was invited to participate in Edgar Schmitz' Cooper Gallery exhibition Surplus Cameo Decor as a 'cameo appearance' and to present a keynote talk at the exhibition's satellite strand Hubs and Fictions: A Touring Forum on Current Art and Imported Remoteness. Wang Nanming's enthusiasm for the exhibition and support of the curatorial vision of Cooper Gallery led him to invite Cooper Gallery to curate CURRENT for Shanghai Himalayas Museum where he holds the post of Head of Research.

Continue reading about the origins of CURRENT here.

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Not so long ago... Kieran Milne shares his reflections on the recent 'Someone a long time ago, now.' Hugo Canoilas exhibition in Cooper Gallery.

Kieran Milne, Exhibitions DJCAD Gallery Assistant, Founding Member of Plastik Zine, and current DJCAD student, shares his writing about the last Cooper Gallery exhibition by Hugo Canoilas.

Someone a long time ago, now. is the first major solo show in Scotland by Portuguese artist Hugo Canoilas.

The show opens with a series of painted sheets hanging in the half lit entrance of Cooper Gallery Project Space. The sheets are lit by a series of overhead projectors shining a variety of images onto the textured and colourful surfaces, most notably a car crash.

Hanging in front of the projection of the car crash is a suspended object, a shoe hanging from a metal pipe, hanging from the ceiling and it is this object that sets the tone of the show. The shoe, in the context of the car crash is that universal signifier of the human element of an accident. An accident of birth and of existence and it is this existential nature, which pervades the rest of the show.

Hugo Canoilas, Someone a long time ago, now. Cooper Gallery, 2015. Photo: Ross Fraser McLean

Upstairs is a riotous offering of wall paintings. A comic book, I Like Your Art Much, hangs suspended above a small stool and on reading reveals itself to be a dialogue between the writer of the comic, Francisco Sousa Lobo, and the work of Canoilas. There is a playful familiarity in the comic, and the unreserved analysis of Canoilas' practice and themes acts as a visual reader for the work on display. The comic was produced especially for the show and references most of the works within its pages.

Francisco Sousa Lobo, I Like Your Art Much, 2015 

Finally in the main Cooper Gallery space there hang five large canvasses stapled to the wall, these are raw in their material nature and consist of extinct creatures spouting existential musings. They bring to mind 70s textbook illustrations and further the tension between the mortality of the viewer and the fate of these extinct creatures causing one to question our own time and place.

Hugo Canoilas, Someone a long time ago, now. Cooper Gallery, 2015. Photo: Ross Fraser McLean

Hugo Canoilas spoke with Art in Scotland TV ahead of the exhibition Preview. See him discuss his practice here:

Film Credits: Filming & Editing: Schedule D Productions. Photographer: Ross Fraser McLean. Make-up artist: Sandra Cormack. Courtesy of Cooper Gallery DJCAD

For more information about the exhibition please see the website: http://www.dundee.ac.uk/djcad/exhibitions/exhibitions/hugo-canoilas/

Friday, 3 April 2015

New Cooper Gallery Publication 'I Like Your Art Much'/// From: Francisco Sousa Lobo To: Hugo Canoilas

Set out to be an exhibition within an exhibition, Francisco Sousa Lobo's comic book I Like Your Art Much acts as a reflexive voice and a point of departure from which Hugo Canoilas' entire exhibition Someone a long time ago, now. evolves, mirroring the artist’s critical stance on the social and political histories of the contemporary. 

Published on the occasion of Hugo Canoilas' exhibition Someone a long time ago, now., Cooper Gallery, March - April 2015. Someone a long time ago, now. is the first major solo exhibition of Portuguese artist Hugo Canoilas in Scotland and is a rich palette of visual and textual collisions between multiple collaged projections of paintings, photographs, drawings and writing, cast on each other and the architectural fabric of Cooper Gallery. Shown over two floors of the gallery the exhibition is a rare chance to engage in Canoilas’ complex visual mediation of images. For more information about the exhibition please see the website.

Someone a long time ago, now. Preview & Performance, Hugo Canoilas. Cooper Gallery, 2015.
Photo: Ross Fraser McLean

'I Like Your Art Much' is available to purchase from Cooper Gallery Publications website for £7.50 plus P&P. 

Launched in 2011, Cooper Gallery Publications produces Limited Edition Artist's Books and Multiples as part of the programme of new commissions, events and projects at Cooper Gallery, Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design. Cooper Gallery is a distinctive platform in Scotland for challenging and innovative practices and critical discourse in contemporary art, design and visual culture. Highlights include Tent, a hand bound, screen-printed Artist’sBook by Paul Noble, Artist Multiples by David Bellingham and a Zine exploring Lynda Morris' influential curatorial career.

Cooper Gallery Publications also develops Cooper Gallery’s innovative periodical &labels, ​with texts and articles by artists and theorists to extend and explore the exhibition programme. 
See more here.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Reading Lists/// 'Someone a long time ago, now.' artist Hugo Canoilas

To coincide with Someone a long time ago, now. at Cooper Gallery, March - April 2015, we asked exhibiting artist Hugo Canoilas to share with us ‘suggested reading’ of essays or publications that expand upon ideas related to his practice.

Reading Corner, Cooper Gallery, 2015. Photo: Ross Fraser McLean

Below is Hugo Canoilas' suggested reading...

Fernando Pessoa, The Book of Disquiet, translation by Richard Zenith, Penguin Classics, 2002.

Arthur Rimbaud, A Season in Hell, Penguin 60s Classics, Penguin, 1995.

Malcolm Lowry, Under the Volcano, Penguin Modern Classics, introduction by Michael Schmidt, Penguin 1995.

Jean-Paul Sartre, Between Existentialism and Marxism, Radical Thinkers, Verso 2008.

Albert Camus, The Outsider, Penguin Modern Classics, translation by Sandra Smith, Penguin 2013.

Søren Kierkegaard, In Vino Veritas, first published 1845, published in Portuguese by Antígona ,2005.

Richard Kempton, Provo: Amsterdam's Anarchist Revolt, published by AUTONOMEDIA, 2007.

de Waly Salomão , Me Segura Qu’Eu Vou Dar Um Troço, 1972.

More about the artist:

Hugo Canoilas is a Portuguese artist based in Vienna. Canoilas obtained his MA from Royal College of Art London in 2006, prior to this he studied at Caldas da Rainha in Portugal. Canoilas has received international recognition for his art work since 2005 and has been featured at major international spaces including the highly celebrated 30th Sao Paulo Biennial in 2012.

Solo presentations of his work include A painting is getting its kicks, 1M3, Lausanne (2010), Endless Killing, curated by Chus Martinez at Huarte Contemporary Art Center, Spain (2008) and 10 reasons to be a member curated by Tobi Maier at the Franfurter Kunstverein (2007). Canoilas has also exhibited in international group exhibitions at major venues, most recently When elephants come marching in curated by Mark Kremer at De Appel, Amsterdam and Performance Proletarians organised by Lili Renaud Dewar and Benjamin Valenza at Magasin-CNAC, Grenoble and prior to this, exhibitions at Calouste Gulbenkian Museum, Lisbon, and the Institute for Contemporary Art, London among others. Canoilas has received widespread recognition for his work in major publications such as Art Review magazine, Guardian, Observer, Frieze, Metropolis M and FlashArt. Canoilas has been awarded major public art commissions in Portugal and has participated in a number of international residencies, most recently at IASPIS in Stockholm in 2013. As part of his art practice Canoilas has contributed to a number of publications including a recently published intervention in Art Review Magazine. Canoilas is represented by Workplace Gallery (Gateshead/London), Galeria Quadrado Azul (Porto/Lisbon), Gallery Nosbaum Reding (Luxembourg) and Galeria Collicaligreggi (Catania).

For more information about Canoilas' work please see: http://www.workplacegallery.co.uk/artists/61-hugo-canoilas/works/8495/